Pre-Admission Assessment

Personal and Financial Information













County: Phone:


In or out of region:


Occupation: Employer:


Currently Employed:Length of Employment:


Is their job in jeopardy:

Personal Monthly Income:Number in Household:


Total Household Income:


Insurance Information

Medical Insurance:Contract Number:


Group Number:Customer Service #:





Driver’s License #:


State Issued:


Suspended:Picture ID (yes /no):


State Issued:SS Card (yes/no):


Medical Information

Primary Care Physician:Address:


Phone:Prescription Medications (y/n):


If yes, list all medications currently taking:


Does client take as prescribed:


Current Medical Conditions: Physical Disability  Diabetes  Emphysema/COPD  Allergies

Contagious Disease  Heart Condition  Seizures  Hypertension  Pregnant   Hepatitis

STD/HIV  TB  Cancer


If yes to any of the above, please explain:




Alcohol and Drug Use History

Precipitating Crisis:

Drug/ Substance of Choice

Age of first use

How often used

How much used

Last used

Route of Administration

Choose an item.





Choose an item.

Choose an item.





Choose an item.

Choose an item.





Choose an item.


Cravings:Hx of Blackouts:


Hx of w/d seizure:


History of withdrawal (explain):


Psychiatric History

Is there a history of the following:  Depression  Anxiety  Hallucinations  Suicidal Thoughts

Homicidal Thoughts  Self-Mutilation  Eating Disorders  Family Mental Health Dx:

Victim of Abuse   Prior MI diagnosis  Prior IMP  Compulsive Sexual Behaviors


If yes to suicidal thoughts: Prior Attempt (y/):Number of attempts:Date of last attempt:

Current Thoughts (y/n): Current Plan (y/n):Current Intent (y/n):


If yes to any other, please explain in detail:


Treatment History

Has client been to tx in the past:How many times:

Date of last tx:

Type of treatment:   OPIOPPHPResDetox

NA/AA Participation:Sponsor:

Longest period of sobriety:

Consequences of use:


Does the client relate to the severity of his/her disease:



Legal History

Current legal issues:Hx of Legal Issues:

DUI Offender:

If current legal issues, what is the charge:

Court Date:Do you have a probation officer:

Name and Contact information:


Recovery Environment

Marital Status:Does spouse use:

Is spouse supportive:Who does client live with:

Does client have children:Ages:

Who is caring for children now:DHS Involved:

Does anyone in the home use drugs:Who will be involved in tx:

Was an ultimatum given:By whom:

Highest Grade Completed:


Staff Use Only

Projected Admit Date:Admission Fee:

Fee Approved by:Therapist Assigned:

Precert Info: